cre8tiveAI User Agreement

This Agreement stipulates what Registered users agree to regarding the use of the “cre8tiveAI” service (hereinafter referred to as “This Service”) provided by RADIUS5 Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “This Company”).
When you use This Service, this “cre8tiveAI User Agreement” (hereinafter referred to as “This Agreement”) applies. Applicants are presumed to have agreed once they have registered, so make sure to read This Agreement before you use our service.

1. (General rules/ scope of application)

1. This Agreement stipulates the basic matters between Registered users and This Company regarding This Service provided and managed by This Company for Registered users.
2. This Agreement applies to This Company and Registered users regarding use of This Service.
3. When This Company posts separate regulations, additional regulations, explanations, Q&A, or other usage conditions regarding This Service (hereinafter “separate regulations, etc.”) on This Company’s website, those separate regulations, etc. constitute part of This Agreement. If they conflict with This Agreement, the separate regulations, etc. shall be given priority.

2. (Definitions)

The terms given in 1-14 below are defined within This Agreement as established below.
(1) Service User Agreement
The contractual relationship regarding the use of This Service that exists between a Registered user and This Company when the Registered user uses This Service.
(2) Applicant
A corporation, group, or individual wishing to use This Service.
(3) Registered user
A corporation, group, or individual that has concluded a “Service Usage Contract” with This Company upon acknowledgment of This Agreement.
(4) User registration
The registration completed by an applicant following the method stipulated in Article 3 in order to become a Registered user of This Service.
(5) Registered information
Information registered by applicants and Registered users at the time of user registration according to This Company’s stipulations, information This Company asks Registered users to register at our judgment during use of This Service, and additions or changes willingly made to such information by Registered users.
(6) Sent data
Information entered or sent by Registered users through This Service (including but not limited to images input data for AI image generator and other data).
(7) Our provided content(s)
Our provided content means any information (including but not limited to image data and other data) acquired by Registered users through this Service.
(8) AI output(s)
AI output(s) means downloaded image data, video data, and other information separately defined by This Company using the function provided by our service "SAI" or "SAI+".
(9) User ID
A code used in combination with a password to distinguish a Registered user from other people.
(10) Password
A code used in combination with a user ID to distinguish a Registered user from other people.
(11) Account
The user ID and password registered and issued to a Registered user by This Company in order to distinguish the Registered user from other people.
(12) This Company’s website
The website managed by This Company, with the domain “” (If This Company’s website domain or content is changed, regardless of the reason, the changed domain is included.)
(13) Credits
The name of the points Registered users can receive through This Service using the method separately designated by This Company in addition to the purchase of AI output.
(14) Intellectual property rights
Copyrights (Includes the right of Article 27 and Article 28 of Copyright Act.), patents, utility model rights, trademarks, design rights, and other intellectual property rights (includes the right to acquire these rights, or to apply for acquisition, etc. of these rights).

3. (Registration)

1. By consenting to adhere to This Agreement and providing registration information through the means determined by This Company, an applicant can apply to register to use This Service. If the registration procedure determined by This Company is completed, the applicant’s registration as a Registered user will be considered complete.
2. When the registration stipulated in the preceding paragraph is complete, a service usage contract following This Agreement will be established between the Registered user and This Company, and the Registered user will be able to use This Service.
3. If any of the following applies, This Company may refuse to register an applicant who has applied for registration according to Paragraph 1.
(1) Part or all of the registration information provided to This Company contains falsehoods, errors, or omissions.
(2) The applicant in question has already had his or her membership revoked, or otherwise had his or her use suspended while using This Service.
(3) The applicant in question is a minor, an adult ward, a person under curatorship, or a person under limited guardianship who has not received permission from his or her legal representative, guardian, curator, or limited guardian.
(4) This Company judges that the applicant pertains to an antisocial force, etc. (meaning a gang, gang member, right-wing group, or other proportionate entity; the same below), or that the applicant has any sort of interaction or involvement with an antisocial force, etc. such as by cooperating or being involved with support, operation, or management.
(5) This Company otherwise deems the applicant unsuitable for registration.

4. (Changes to registered information)

1. If there are any changes to a Registered user’s registered information, the Registered user must promptly notify This Company of those changes through the means determined by This Company.
2. If any notifications from This Company do not arrive due to the Registered user’s negligence regarding the changes described in the previous paragraph, those notifications will be presumed to have arrived at the prescribed time.

5. (User ID and password management)

1. When user registration is complete, This Company will issue an account to the Registered user according to the usage plan separately determined by This Company.
2. Registered users must take responsibility to manage and store their own user IDs and passwords, and must not lend, transfer, change the names of, sell, or otherwise permit third parties unauthorized by This Company to use those IDs or passwords. When This Company confirms the consistency of a user ID and password, it will be presumed that the Registered user registered as the person with that user ID and password has used This Service.
3. Registered users are responsible for any loss of user IDs or passwords resulting from insufficient management, erroneous use, or use by third parties, and This Company is not at all liable.
4. If a Registered user ascertains that his or her user ID or password has been stolen or is being used by a third party, he or she must immediately notify This Company and follow This Company’s instructions.

6. (Conditions of use of This Service)

1. Under This Agreement or as separately determined by This Company, Registered users may use This Service within the scope of the purpose of This Agreement and to the extent that This Agreement is not violated. Registered users must also select one of the plans established by This Company, and available service content will vary depending on the plan selected.
2. Registered users must bear the cost and responsibility of preparing and maintaining the devices, software, other equipment, communication lines, and other communication environments, etc. required in order to receive This Service.
3. When using This Service, Registered users must take care to follow the Personal Information Protection Law and other applicable laws, not to violate third party copyrights, image rights, privacy rights, or other rights, and to take the measures required by applicable laws.

7. (Usage fees)

1. As payment for use of This Service or purchasing AI output, Registered users must pay the fees displayed on This Company’s website through the means separately designated by This Company.
2. Registered users may change plans or join a plan at any time through the means separately designated by This Company.
3. If a Registered user delays payment of the usage fee described in Paragraph 1, the Registered user must pay This Company a delay penalty at a 14.6% yearly rate starting the day after the payment became overdue.
4. This Company does not return usage fees, regardless of the circumstances.

8. (About use of This Service and granting of credits, etc.)

1. By paying the usage fee separately determined by This Company, Registered users can use This Service.
2. If a Registered user joins the monthly subscription plan separately established by This Company, on the joining date and every month after the joining date, This Company will grant credits to that Registered user (hereinafter “Monthly Subscriber”) in the form of points that can be used within This Service.
3. Monthly Subscribers can use This Service by redeeming the credits granted to them according to the preceding paragraph. The required number of credits is as separately determined by This Company.
4.Monthly Subscribers can generate free of charge AI output from online up to the limit counts per monthly subscription plan separately defined by This Company. However, if Monthly Subscribers download the generated AI output, the Monthly Subscribers will need to pay separately the fee or credit specified by This Company.
5. Of the credits granted to them according to Paragraph 1, Monthly Subscribers can carry over the credits they did not redeem in the current month to use in the following month onward. However, granted credits will disappear when 180 days have passed after the date they were granted.
6. Except in cases separately determined by This Company, Monthly Subscribers may not exchange credits for money or transfer credits to third parties.
7. This Company does not refund credits, regardless of the circumstances.

9. (Prohibited behaviors)

Registered users must not engage in any of the following behaviors while using This Service.
(1) Behavior that violates or encourages violation of the law
(2) Fraudulent or threatening behavior toward This Company or another third party
(3) Behavior that violates public order
(4) Behavior that violates the intellectual property rights, image rights, privacy rights, honor, or other rights or interests of This Company or another third party
(5) Sending or Using any of the following, or other data, Our provided content or information This Company judges pertains to the following, to This Company or a third party in relation to This Service:
A. Information containing expressions of violence or cruelty
B. Information containing a computer virus or other harmful program
C. Information containing expressions that harm the honor or reputation of This Company or a third party
D. Information obtained in violation of the Personal Information Protection Law
E. Information that violates or risks violating the copyright, image rights, privacy rights, or other rights of a third party
F. Information containing obscene expressions
G. Information containing expressions encouraging discrimination
H. Information containing expressions encouraging suicide or self-harm
I. Information containing expressions encouraging drug abuse
J. Information containing antisocial expressions
K. Other information This Company judges inappropriate
(6) Behavior that places an excessive burden on This Service’s network, system, etc.
(7) Unauthorized access to any of the systems connected to This Service
(8) Impersonation of another Registered user or a third party
(9) Use of the user ID or password of another user registered with This Service
(10) Linking an account from an organization not designated by This Company
(11) Profit-sharing with an antisocial force, etc.
(12) Behavior that directly or indirectly provokes or facilitates any of the above behaviors
(13) Other behavior judged inappropriate by This Company

10. (Service use suspension, etc.)

1. If This Company ascertains any of the following regarding a Registered user in addition to the conditons provided in Article 542 of the Civil Code, This Company may temporarily suspend Registered user’s use of This Service or revoke Registered user’s membership to This Service at This Company’s discretion regardless of whether the event is minor in light of social wisdom. Withdrawal measures based on the provisions of this section shall not prevent the exercise and effect of the membership even if the member has any reason to be attributable to the company for any of the following:
(1) Violation of any of the provisions of This Agreement
(2) Confirmed falsehoods in the Registered user’s registered information
(3) Confirmed illicit use of This Company’s designated payment methods, or suspension or voiding of payment by a payment service designated by This Company
(4) Suspension of payment, insolvency, or declaration of commencement of bankruptcy proceedings, civil rehabilitation proceedings, corporate reorganization proceedings, special liquidation, or other similar proceedings
(5) The Registered user has perished, or has received a ruling for commencement of guardianship, curatorship, or limited guardianship
(6) 30 or more days have passed without response to inquiries or other communications This Company has requested a response to
(7) Any of the items in Article 3 Paragraph 3 apply
(8) This Company judges it necessary for the management or maintenance of This Service
(9) This Company judges that any other reason similar to the above applies
2. If any of the reasons listed in the preceding paragraph apply, the Registered user will lose the benefit of due dates for all debts owed to This Company as a matter of course, and must immediately pay all debts owed to This Company in full.
3. This Company is not liable for any damages Registered users incur due to actions taken by This Company in accordance with this article.

11. (Changes to, discontinuation of, or suspension of This Service)

1. This Company may change all or part of the content of This Service without prior notice to Registered users.
2. This Company may discontinue the provision or management of all or part of This Service by notifying Registered users at least one month in advance through the means deemed appropriate by This Company. However, This Company may not notify Registered users in urgent cases.
3. In any of the following cases, This Company may temporarily suspend part or all of This Service without prior notification to Registered users.
(1) When conducting regular or emergency maintenance or repairs of hardware, software, or communication equipment for This Service
(2) When the services of a telecommunication carrier are unavailable
(3) When it is difficult to provide This Service due to a natural disaster or other force majeure
(4) When it is difficult to provide This Service due to a fire, power outage, or other unforeseen incident
(5) When it is difficult to provide This Service due to a war, conflict, upheaval, riot, labor dispute, etc.
(6) Other cases in proportion to the above in which This Company otherwise deems it necessary

12. (Attribution of rights)

1. All intellectual property rights for Our provided content etc. (included AI output) as part of This Service belong either to This Company or to the parties that have been granted license by This Company. Permission to use This Service based on This Agreement does not exceed the scope necessary in order to use This Service, nor does it include permission to use the intellectual property rights of This Company or the parties that have been granted license by This Company.
2. Notwithstanding forgoing the preceding paragraph, the person who has the right to the transmission data in accordance with paragraph 8 of this Article shall have intellectual property rights for Our provided content (excluding AI output) that is configured on the premise of transmission data.
3. This Company grants the Registered user the right to freely use the AI output downloaded by the Registered user within the scope of This Agreement.
4. The rights granted to Registered user under the preceding paragraph are not exclusive, and this Company reserves the right to use the same AI output as Registered user for downloading to other Registered user or other third parties.
5. Regardless of the reason, Registered users who have no received permission from This Company may not engage in any behavior (including but not limited to disassembly, decompilation, and reverse engineering) that risks violating the intellectual property rights of This Company or the parties granted license by This Company.
6. Trademarks, logos, service marks, etc. (hereinafter collectively called “trademarks, etc.”) are sometimes displayed within This Service, but This Company does not permit Registered users to use those trademarks, etc. or to transfer them to third parties.
7. Registered users must profess and guarantee to This Company that they have the legal right to acquire and send the data they transmit through This Service, and that these actions do not violate the rights of any third party.
8. The intellectual property rights to sent data belong to the Registered user or to the third party who granted those rights to the Registered user. Use of This Service does not transfer those rights to This Company.
9. Registered users are presumed to agree in advance to This Company’s use of their sent data within the scope necessary to provide This Service, to make updates or other functional improvements or additions, to create advertising materials, or to carry out promotional activities. Registered users agree in advance not to exercise their moral rights against This Company or parties who have been transferred or granted rights by This Company when This Company and said parties use sent data within the scope of the preceding clause.
10. This Company will not exercise the author's moral right with respect to the AI output as long as it is used in accordance with the terms of this Agreement with the registered user or a third party who is licensed from the Registered user.
11. If this Company determines that the AI output downloaded by the Registered User infringes the rights of a third party, the Company may withdraw the grant of the right of use under paragraph 3 of this Article if any other unavoidable circumstances arise.

13. (Treatment of personal information)

1. This Company’s treatment of the personal information of Registered users shall be as separately established in This Company’s privacy policy ( Registered users are presumed to agree to This Company’s treatment of their personal information in accordance with this privacy policy.
2. Regardless of the stipulations of regulations other than This Agreement, This Company may use sent data and other information Registered users provide to This Company, after processing it so that Registered users and other individuals cannot be identified (this includes anonymizing personal information according to the definition of “anonymized information” in Article 2 Paragraph 9 of the Personal Information Protection Law), in order to improve or develop This Company’s services including This Service, and may also provide or disclose that information to third parties at This Company’s discretion.

14. (Sending, modifying, and deleting data)

1. If This Company deems any data sent through This Service inappropriate, This Company may suspend part or all of the functions of This Service or refuse reception of data at our discretion.
2. If This Company judges that any sent data pertains to any of the items in Article 9, This Company may amend or delete part or all of that data or temporarily suspend publication of that data without obtaining permission from the Registered user who sent that data.
3. This Company is not liable for any damages incurred by Registered users or third parties due to the measures described in the preceding two paragraphs.

15. (Effective period/ Registered user unsubscription)

1. The effective period of the service usage contract is one month. If the Registered user does not complete the procedure to unsubscribe according to the stipulations of Paragraph 2 by the last day of the effective period, the Registered user’s membership will be automatically renewed for one month, and the same thereinafter.
2. Registered users may complete the procedure separately determined by This Company to unsubscribe from This Service at any time. Once they have unsubscribed from This Service, Registered users will no longer be able to use This Service.
3. All the credits held by a Registered user will be lost when the Registered user unsubscribes. This Company will not refund or exchange any of those credits, or reimburse the Registered user for any usage fees up until the last date of the effective period.
4. Even after unsubscribing from This Service, Registered users are not exempt from any obligations or debts owed to This Company or other third parties according to the service usage contract (including but not limited to damage compensation).
5. Anyone wishing to register for This Service again after unsubscribing must complete the registration procedure again. Registered users are presumed to agree in advance that credits and other data from before they unsubscribed will not be carried over after they complete the registration procedure again.

16. (Damage compensation)

1. If a Registered user violates This Agreement or inflicts damages upon This Company in relation to This Service, the Registered user must compensate This Company for all damages (including lost profits, the cost of labor for resolving disputes, attorney fees, and other damages).
2. The scope of the damage compensation burden This Company must bear for damages Registered users incur in relation to This Service is limited to direct, ordinary damages occurring in reality for reasons attributable to This Company, and to a maximum of one month’s usage fees. Provided, however, that this shall not apply in cases of confirmed intent or gross negligence by This Company.

17. (Disclaimer and exemption from warranties)

1. This Company makes no guarantee of the accuracy, reliability, legality, novelty, Our provided content or usefulness of the sent data processing, conversion, modification, editing, or other functions available through This Service.
2. Registered users agree not to hold This Company liable even if their information disappears or is altered, or if their devices break down or are damaged through use of This Service.
3. This Company has no obligation to manage or preserve sent data or any other information sent by Registered users.
4. This Company bears no responsibility to compensate any damages incurred by Registered users due to disruption of, suspension of, termination of, or changes to This Service implemented by This Company; nor due to the cancellation of user registration or the deletion or disappearance of registered information or sent data; nor due to any device breakdowns or damage occurring through use of This Service.
5.The Registered user recognizes that, due to the nature of the Service, Our provided content similar to the work created by a third party may be generated, and when downloading Our provided content, we will pay the utmost attention by investigating and confirming not to infringe the right of the third party.
6.Registered users use our downloaded content under their own responsibility, and we are not responsible for the results of Registered user using Our provided content. Even if damage is caused to the third party, we do not take any responsibility as a result of Registered user using Our provided content.
7. If a dispute occurs between Registered users or between a Registered user and a third party through a Registered user’s use of This Service, the Registered user must resolve the dispute at his or her own expense, and This Company will not be involved.

18. (Agreement revisions)

1. This Company may change This Agreement (including the rules regarding This Service posted on This Company’s website, and other regulations, etc; the same applies for the rest of this article below) at This Company’s discretion if:
(1) when an amendment to This Agreement is in the general interest of the Registered users
(2) Amendment to This Agreement shall not be contrary to the purpose of the Service Agreement, and the amendment is reasonable for the necessity of the amendment, the equivalent of the content after the amendment
2. If This Agreement is amended, This Company shall notify the Registered user of the contents of the amendments duly or post them on this Company's website at least 14 days prior to the effective date of the amendment, If a Registered user uses the Service after the effective date, or fails to cancel the use of the Services within the period specified by this Company, the amendment shall be deemed to be agreed by the Registered user. When using this service, please refer to the latest terms and conditions of This Agreement and other applicable terms at any time.

19. (Communications/ notifications)

Inquiries regarding This Service and other communications or notifications from Registered users to This Company, as well as notifications of changes to This Agreement and other communications or notifications from This Company to Registered users, must be transmitted through the means determined by This Company.

20. (Transfer of the service usage contract status)

1. Registered users may not transfer (including comprehensive succession through a merger, corporate division, etc.) all or part of the status, rights, or duties conferred to them in the service usage contract to third parties, nor may they present said status, rights, or duties as collateral without advance written approval from This Company. In addition, in the event of transferring the status under This Agreement and the rights and obligations arising from This Agreement to a third party contrary to this section, This Company shall be able to immediately withdraw the Registered user without giving notice.
2. If This Company transfers the business of This Service to another company, This Company may also transfer the status, rights, and duties assigned in the service usage contract, along with customer information such as the registered information of Registered users, to the transferee of the business transfer, and Registered users are presumed to agree in advance to this paragraph concerning the transfer. The business transfer described in this paragraph includes comprehensive succession through a merger, corporate division, etc. in which This Company becomes extinct or split.

21. (Separability)

Even if any of the provisions of This Agreement are deemed partially or completely void or unenforceable according to the Consumer Contract Act or another law, the remaining provisions of This Agreement and the remaining parts of the provisions that were deemed partially void or unenforceable shall remain in full effect. This Company and Registered users must amend the void or unenforceable provisions or parts within the scope necessary to make them legal and enforceable, and must strive to maintain the intent of the void or unenforceable provisions or parts while ensuring equivalent legal and economic effectiveness.

22. (Continuous provisions)

The provisions of Article 5 Paragraph 3, Article 7 Paragraphs 3 and 4, Article 10 Paragraph 3, Article 12, Article 13 Paragraph 2, Article 14 Paragraph 3, Article 15, Article 16, Article 17, Article 20, Article 21, this Article, and Article 23 will continue to be effective even after the service usage contract ends.

23. (Applicable laws and agreed jurisdiction)

The applicable law of This Agreement is Japanese law, and the Tokyo District Court shall be the first exclusive agreement jurisdictional court for all disputes originating from or related to This Agreement or the service usage contract.

24. (Resolution through consultation)

If issues not determined by This Agreement or doubts regarding the interpretation of This Agreement arise, This Company and Registered users must endeavor to promptly resolve the situation upon a discussion between them following the principle of good faith. In addition, upon the other party’s requests, This Company and the Registered user shall agree in writing or electromagnetic records regarding the discussion.

Established 15 02, 2019
Revision 09 09 2019
Revision 25 12 2019
Revision 01 04 2020

Note : This Agreement has been prepared and executed in the Japanese language. This English translation is only for your reference purpose. In the event of any discrepancy between the Japanese original and this English translation, The The Japanese original shall prevail over any translation thereof.